Harmonization FAQs

These are FAQs for both Harmonization Groups & 1:1.

What is this work?

Think of your being as tight fist of concentrated collections of programming, social construct, belief systems, and condensed energies all from this lifetime and others. In this series, we are essentially loosening the grip and pulling you apart like puzzle pieces, granting you space to release, aggregate and integrate new or lost memory and energies. As you regulate the introduced frequencies, you strengthen it into your own unique signature, realigning you to your soul's pathway.

Is this work for me?

Frankly, that is something you have to ask yourself and your guides. I will say, however, if it's peaked your interest, chances are: probably! This series is designed for those who have a foundational spiritual practice. It's for those who meditate, download, know their bodies, know how to recognize signs/synchronicities, have a relationship with their guides, and are ready to open up their belief systems to infinite possibilities. This work is asking for true change- it can be emotional, jarring, overwhelming at times, but it's empowering, exciting, and I can say in my own experience, has brought me closer to myself than I have ever been. 

When are the sessions and what time?

The 6 week program contains 4 Live Sessions padded with 2 Integration Weeks.

The Integration Weeks are a time for rest, integration, and for you to be present. The meditations and prompts are to support you in the process. 

 Here's What The Weeks Look Like:

Week 1 (LIVE) : Opening the Portal and Vectorization

This is the pulling apart to create space. This powerful offering clears as it replaces old patterns, memories, and energies that have reached their highest expression and can be offloaded

Week 2: Integration Week

Each integration week I will upload a guided journey video with prompts as well as additional rituals or insights to best support you during that week.

Integration week is all about bringing your awareness to the present, nourishing your body and your soul's expressions.

Week 3 (LIVE) : Harmonization: Creating the Container

Here we yield the fusion to have a direct impact on your life. This is working primarily on a cellular, mental, and emotional subtle bodies to prepare your, “Vehicle,” for it's realigned path. 

Week 4: Integration Week

Week 5 (LIVE): Harmonization II: Restoring & Recalibrating- October 17th

We will be restoring and aggregating unconscious memory as it pertains to your soul's path connecting you to appropriate guides and frequencies to support you in regulating and understanding the remembering.

This is the week we will be activating the Star body.

Week 6 (LIVE): Final Integration Week

On the first day of this integration week, we will meet to gather any final guidance from the Inter-connective space and close the portal. You will still have access to me for the remainder of the week. 

Are these live calls or videos?

The Live sessions will take place over Zoom. All recordings and the guided meditations for Integration weeks will be uploaded in Mighty Networks.

What is Mighty Networks?

Mighty Networks is like social media meets Google docs. It's a free app. I used this for both the group setting and 1:1. All recordings, insights, and communication is posted through this ap. For groups, you will benefit by journeying alongside others so that you are not alone in the process. Here, we can create community to share experiences and ask questions throughout the incubation period. This is the most streamline way I can offer support to a group of people. You can ask questions, share experiences, comment under videos, post, etc. just like on Facebook or Patreon. This is  better than getting a bunch of emails, much nicer than Patreon, and really user friendly! Zoom links will still go out via Email

Why is the group less inexpensive compared to the 1:1?

Yes, I actually got this question a couple of times! With this work being so brand new, it's hard for me to get a lot of feedback. It's not exactly like selling Jordans. I really want to know what I can expect from different types of people, with different spiritual foundations, in different places in their paths. Though the energetic part of the session is incredibly important, I think the value is in the support that I offer along the way. This works on a number of levels

  • I get a group to try out my brand-new services
  • I benefit by receiving feedback not just at the end of the series, but during with your participation
  • By working with a group, there can be gaps filled with questions and needs by some of you who are more vocal than others. Not everyone speaks up when they need something, but it's helpful when someone does and when another participant seconds it,  I get further insight into the process.
  • Multiple points of views
  • I get to create a community. To me, that is more valuable than anything

These are all points that make this a symbiotic relationship! Again, I'm simply on an expedition inviting you to come along with me. Why not work together as a crew as we explore these depths? A crew makes for a better Captain and that's all I want to do: be a better leader and guide.

What do you get?

  • A powerful series of services at about 1/3 the price
  • A small group to create a community- Spiritual work can already be isolating, so it's nice to have others to geek out about it with
  • The benefit of someone pooossiibbllyyy asking the questions you want to ask but are nervous to
  • Access to me and others throughout the period so that you are fully supported during the process- That is key!

Often in this type of work, integration, regulation and support is looked over. It is imperative to see the importance in these three things if we want to fully process, aggregate and absorb the information and energy needed to operate in a more streamlined way. How many times after a healing session have you wanted to ask a question, wanted to know if a symptom you had was a byproduct of the work you did, or just wanted to share? Sharing and processing these things are keys to healing and opening up our pathways!

Do I really need Apple Music or Spotify?

Yes. The music isn't just background music. It is essential for its vibrational nature to help open you up, deepen your consciousness, and acts as a focal point as the energy work takes place. You can borrow a subscription from a friend, but it's important that you do not have any interruptions in the music and have headphones charged and ready to go. 

Can I break up the payments?

I utilize ShopPay on all of my offers. You can break up the payments into 4 installments. Click the link when you choose the product.