Individualizing access to the pathways of your Soul’s spiritual ecosystem

My mission is to help others get in touch with their own light, their faith, and the spiritual worlds that are assisting them. This work is at the heart of who I am as it is my own practice of trust, faith, and connection that has pulled me through the hardest times, unravel outdated beliefs and programming, and gave me the fortitude to open my heart and trust.

The most common question I get asked is, “How do I connect/deepen the connection to my guides?”

I spent the last few years researching and creating a system in which I can guide others to practice their own sovereignty to discover their most authentic pathways and relationships; whether it’s The Akashic Records, Shambhala, a galactic source, or Plant Spirit. The Universe is not limited, and neither are our abilities to evolve; restricting them to constructs will always leave us feeling like something is missing. It is the pathway to the subconscious mind & superconscious field which open the gates to being connect and being the high-spirited individual. Through cultivating and nurturing our channels and the relationship in trusting ourself that we magnetize and strengthen the relationship with our spiritual ecosystems and evolution. 


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Classes will take place at 2pm EST/ 11am PST
Sunday, April 24th 
Sunday, May 1st  
Saturday, May 7th 
Sunday, May 8th 

Live attendance is encouraged, but recordings will be available for those who can not attend live.

Class One: Language, Individuation, The Nature of Spirit

This class is designed to better to understand symbolism, the multi-facet nature of language and the ways in which spirit speaks, the importance of individuation, and the nature of different spirits that we may come into contact with.

Class Two: Attunement

This attunement will aid you in illuminating and deepening your relationship with your guides, the source of your consciousness, and most importantly your Supreme Self. Through vibrational prompts, you will explore, rediscover, redefine what it means to TRUST- your intuition, your voice, your team, and how you physically interact with energy. You will be met you where you are, as we will request for you to reach the highest level of awareness that is accessible to you at this moment. You will harmonize with the inter-dimensional frequencies of wisdom and love, giving you the assistance need as you experience the energetic shift that comes with the attunement of your channel.

Class Three: Opening, Closing, and Warding

During this segment, you will co-collaborate with Spirit to create parameters, an access point and closing specific to you. Here, you will learn to reinforce your authority in this sacred relationship as who you are and where you are. 

 included in purchase:

  • Recordings of each class to revisit
  • Listing of all information and prompts 
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  • Access to me and group for support & sharing
  • Live Q & A's
  • Priority Scheduling & 50% off 1:1 Mentorship sessions 
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Separate enrollment will open at a later date.

Channel Harmonization is a required prerequisite

Full commitment to move through each sphere is required

If we can see ourselves as nobility, or sovereign, our lives and material world are our kingdoms. The Monarch Ties is a blend of Solomonic, Heptarchic,  and channeled Akashic practices from Edgar Cayce and myself.

In Part II, we will evoke The Angelic Messengers to act as our royal advisors and guide us in ruling our kingdom in harmony. This ritualistic series is an evocation of The Monarchs- The kings, princes, and ministers that work under the Archangels of the 7 ancient Spheres. It is said that the 7 Archangels are the Angelic rulers of the Universe, who “stand in the presence of the Divine.” The Monarchs that work under them are the closest to and interact with physical creation. Through these evocations, you will be harmoninzing yourself the archetypical properties of each sphere. This alchemical transformation will aid you in reconciling, strengthening, and fortifying to the wisdom of each trait within. By moving through each sphere, you mirror the Trust from Channel Harmonization to your material bodies and world. 

  • JUPITER- Benevolence, Expansion, Authority, Grace
  • MARS- Strategy, Assessment, Rules, Discipline, Protection & Security
  • THE SUN- Leadership, Sovereignty, Revelation, Implementation
  • VENUS- Production, Manifestation, Relationships
  • MERCURY- Communication, Commerce, FLOW, Education, Thought, Response
  • THE MOON- Imagery, Intuition, Materialization, Reduction, Recovery
  • SATURN- Limitation, Death, Objective, Definition, Time 

     included in purchase:

    • Recorded ritual to follow along
    • Full Patreon Access for 2 months
    • Live Q & A's 
    • Access to me & group for check-in's & Sharing
    • Priority Scheduling & 50% 1:1 Mentorship Sessions 


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    Purchase both as a package and receive a discount of $100 off. 

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    Need to make payments? ShopPay is available for seating to be broken up in 4 payments. Patreon, again, will be paid separately April, June, and July. A due reminder will be emailed for Patreon enrollment.