Communing with Shadow 1:1

Communing with Shadow 1:1

Shadow holds all the pieces of our primal being that has been repressed, ostracized, and humiliated into submission. It holds the root of learned limiting beliefs, guilt, shame, embarrassment, and fear. When we ignore shadow, we restrict our soul's primal instinct, creating blocks that bottleneck evolution and creativity. 
If we utilize shadow the same way we utilize our higher selves, we create a relationship that gives us a deeper understanding of what limits us. Shadow never lies to us and holds the key which unlocks the door to our freedom and often, our apex. As written on the temple of Hekate, "In darkness, light"
+ The Introductory Session is a package of 2 separate sessions
+ Subsequent follow-up sessions may be purchased as needed after the Initial session.

We will have a mini Intuitive Session and discuss the task at hand. We will get deeper insight from Spirit and Guides. 
We will then:
+ Create/strengthen the dialogue and relationship with Shadow Self & Higher Self
+ Talk about how unchecked shadow can/is effecting your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies
+ Talk about what limiting beliefs that are asking for awareness
+ You will have the psychic experience as I  guide you through a Sound Journey and give prompts to bring forward a pressing fragment of shadow and get a deeper understanding of why and how it shows up in your life

It is recommended that you use a computer & headphones for these sessions. You will be send a file to play in iTunes or a media player as I speak through Zoom. 

SESSION PREPARATION: Please do not consume alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before or after our session together. It is important to refrain from imbibing during the healing process. 


You may cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours before your scheduled reading. All appointments adjusted after the 48 hour window will be charged in full. 

Note: These are alternative and spiritual modalities and are not a substitute for medical service from your mental health or healthcare provider. I am not a doctor, physician, mental health provider, or member of a clergy. These services are for educational purposes and are a self-help tool for your own use. Ultimately, I am not responsible for actions you take out of your own free will.  I make no guarantees to any outcomes.