Monthly Inter-Transmission

Monthly Inter-Transmission

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Join me for a group sound-centric journey and frequency transmission on Thursday, 10/28 at 7pm EST.

During this offering, I will guide you to retrieve wisdom that fluctuates between your past, present, parallel, and future selves, hence the namesake.

I will guide you to where interconnective loops of energy, timelines, and dimensions meet near a vacuum, or The Void. Here, your energetic body can expand and oscillate freely to retrieve and reunite fragments of your spirit’s own wisdom, experiences, memories, and/or lessons to help you move forward on your current path. It doesn’t always show up in your mind, but is transfused into your systems, be it a subtle body, star body, nervous system, or cellular body. 

the memory uploads in a multitude of ways as it is necessary. Think of this session as a time release pill.

In order to join, please have headphones handy. Must have (or borrow) a subscription to Apple Music or Spotify for the playlist. Music is a key element to my sessions as it sinks you deeper into the journey, harmonizes both sides of the brain, and it’s vibratory nature aids in healing. 

Zoom link & music will go out the night before on