Harmonization Focus Group

Harmonization Focus Group

 Due to the intense energetic nature of this offering, spaces will be limited to ensure that I am able to provide and serve appropriately.
Seats are first come first serve.
 I will cut off sign up once it feels it has reached a healthy capacity
Starts September 19, 2021 
A 6-week focus group version of the Harmonization Series, an offering designed as an incubator for acceleration and growth. Experience the shifts and healing at 1/3 of the price in exchange for feedback so I may improve my service and support offerings.
This is about releasing, rebuilding, retrieving, and regulating. 
Think of your being as a contracted & concentrated collection of programming, social construct, belief systems, and condensed energies all from this lifetime and others- like a tightly gripped fist. In this series, we are essentially loosening the grip and pulling you apart like puzzle pieces, granting you space to release, aggregate and integrate new or lost memory and energies. As you regulate the introduced frequencies, you strengthen it into your own unique signature, realigning you to your soul's pathway.

Here's how it works:
  • Each Live Session will take place on Sundays at 12pm EST. Participation is strongly recommended, but not required. It is however, recommended you do the recording within 2-3 days to ensure ample time for integration. 
  • Each Integration Week I will upload a guided meditation video and additional rituals or insights to best support you during that week. Integration week is all about bringing your awareness to the present, nourishing your body and your soul's expressions. Videos and info will be uploaded on that Sunday at 12pm EST
Each date is indicated and listed below

All weeks will be recorded and shared

Live Participation is highly recommended, but not required

Week 1 (LIVE) : Opening the Portal and Vectorization- September 19th

This is the pulling apart to create space. This powerful offering clears as it replaces old patterns, memories, and energies that have reached their highest expression and can be offloaded

Week 2: Integration Week- September 26th

Week 3 (LIVE) : Harmonization: Creating the Container- October 3rd

Here we yield the fusion to have a direct impact on your life. This is working primarily on a cellular, mental, and emotional subtle bodies to prepare your, “Vehicle,” for it's realigned path.

Week 4: Integration Week- October 10th

Week 5 (LIVE): Harmonization II: Restoring & Recalibrating- October 17th

We will be restoring and aggregating unconscious memory as it pertains to your soul's path connecting you to appropriate guides and frequencies to support you in regulating and understanding the remembering.

This is the week we will be activating the Star body.

Week 6 (LIVE): Final Integration Week- October 24th

On the first day of this integration week, we will meet to gather any final guidance from the Inter-connective space and close the portal. You will still have access to me and The Mighty Networks group for the remainder of the week. 

In this group setting, you will benefit by journeying alongside others so that you are not alone in the process. Here, we can create community to share experiences and ask questions throughout the incubation period. How many times have you wanted to ask something and was so relieved someone else did? ..yea, that’s the point! You will have access to our Mighty Networks group where you can ask questions, communicate, and share experiences. All recordings and information for the Integration Weeks will be uploaded her as well.
Must have (or borrow) an Apple Music or Spotify subscription for the playlists & have headphones as music is a major part of my work.