Harmonization Series

Harmonization Series

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This is a 6 week incubator is for those who do find themselves at the threshold or deep knowing of a major energy shift. Some symptoms can be feeling almost like you or your surroundings are surreal, “zooming” in and out, heightened senses.

The series contains 4 Live Sessions padded with 2 Integration Weeks.

The Integration Weeks are a time for rest, integration, and for you to be present. The meditations and prompts are to support you in the process. 

Week 1 (LIVE) : Opening the Portal and Vectorization
This is the pulling apart to create space. This powerful offering clears as it replaces old patterns, memories, and energies that have reached their highest expression and can be offloaded
Week 2: Integration Week
Each integration week I will upload a guided journey video with prompts as well as additional rituals or insights to best support you during that week.
Integration week is all about bringing your awareness to the present, nourishing your body and your soul's expressions.
Week 3 (LIVE) : Harmonization: Creating the Container
Here we yield the fusion to have a direct impact on your life. This is working primarily on a cellular, mental, and emotional subtle bodies to prepare your, “Vehicle,” for it's realigned path. 
Week 4: Integration Week
Week 5 (LIVE): Harmonization II: Restoring & Recalibrating
We will be restoring and aggregating unconscious memory as it pertains to your soul's path connecting you to appropriate guides and frequencies to support you in regulating and understanding the remembering.
This is the week we will be activating the Star body.
Week 6 (LIVE): Final Integration Week
On the first day of this integration week, we will meet to gather any final guidance from the Inter-connective space and close the portal. You will still have access to me for the remainder of the week. 

Once regulated, the frequency holds so that you can filter and oscillate it- making it your unique frequency. This is a process of transforming, transfusion and transmitting.

This package includes a casual weekly intuitive check-in to ensure you are supported and have someone to help you digest and gain understanding of information and experiences. 

Introductory Price: 

$275 for Initial appointment & support

$150 for each Harmonization session  


You may cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours before your scheduled reading. All appointments adjusted after the 48 hour window will be charged in full. 

Note: These are alternative and spiritual modalities and are not a substitute for medical service from your mental health or healthcare provider. I am not a doctor, physician, mental health provider, or member of a clergy. These services are for educational purposes and are a self-help tool for your own use. Ultimately, I am not responsible for actions you take out of your own free will.  I make no guarantees to any outcomes.