In Person Akashic Session- LA

In Person Akashic Session- LA

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will be offering in-person sessions at The Moon Sanctuary in Atwater Village, Los Angeles, California on December 11th from 10am- 5pm. 


45 minute Akashic Reading sessions are available. There sessions are energetically charged as you will continue to receive 1-3 days after our time together 

The address of The Moon Sanctuary will be sent out to you ahead of your session. 

The Akashic Records was coined by Madame Blatvasky from the Sanskrit term Akasha, which can be translated simply into ether, but bears a heftier meaning. It is believed that the Akashic Records is a space of infinite intelligence, holding all information including your soul's signature, and all energies connected to it (information) including loved ones, guides, and ascended masters convene. 

Having studied under Akashic Records leaders such as Dr. Linda Howe & Helen Vonderheide to refine their channeling and exploration abilities, Sophia's personal understanding of The Akasha is that of an Omniverse of many different dimensional frequencies (angelic, galactic, parallel, past lives, etc.). The Akashic Records is a frequency that transmits wisdom about your soul’s  aspirations, explorations, experiences in order to nurture you on your path. But in exploring other dimensions that are connected to a soul’s signature, one can get a more concise and aligned information. Think of it as an airport:  The Akashic Records is the main airport itself, the other dimensions are the various terminals.