Los Angeles In-Person Sessions 6/29

Los Angeles In-Person Sessions 6/29

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In-Person Akashic-Trance Healing Sessions at The Moon Sanctuary in Atwater Village. 

These sessions are very limited and a newer offering blending Akashic Readings with Trance Channeling. 

During our time together, you we will access your Akashic pathway while I open my up to channel a spirit guide. While in trance, I place myself aside allowing for spirit to blend with my energy, have access to my voice box, and some times my body. You will have a direct conversation with a member of your spirit team who will direct the reading and answer any questions you have. If time permits, we will end your session with a Trance Healing, in which the spirit will give you an energetic Attunement and healing. This modality is similar to something you may receive in a Reiki or energetic healing. 

Prior clients have expressed feeling seen, feeling guided, lighter, excited, surprised, and reported subsequent synchronistic experiences. 

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