Mentoring & Ritual Guidance

Mentoring & Ritual Guidance

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If you are looking for guidance with ritual work or intuitive training, this offering is for you. 

Trained in my family’s lineage of root work, the art of ritual is the foundation of all of my magical training. I have been blessed to have continued my education at The old Harry's Occult World in Philadelphia and expanding that knowledge through The Western Mystery Tradition. This gives me a unique multi-facet perspective of the overlaps and angles of ritual. Some ways I can assist you are in: altar set up, clear and consecrating a space or item, ancestral ritual work, specified ritual work (planetary, deity, manifestation, shadow work)

As a natural medium who has trained through Akashic Records modalities, spirit communication and channeling, my biggest thrill in life is to help others connect to the spirit world around them. Practice doesn't make perfect; it makes improvement. Even with a natural ability, developing and understanding our gift only strengthens the connection. We can tailor our time to meet you where you are at whether that is with learning the language of your spiritual team, deep information retrieval practice, sign reading, empathic boundaries, opening and closing space, and trusting your clairs.

For Ritual guidance. I will not provide you with items, nor promise any outcomes. The intention and energy is strictly of your own volition. I’m simply here to guide.

Note: These are alternative and spiritual modalities and are not a substitute for medical service from your mental health or healthcare provider. I am not a doctor, physician, mental health provider, or member of a clergy. These services are for educational purposes and are a self-help tool for your own use. Ultimately, I am not responsible for actions you take out of your own free will.  I make no guarantees to any outcomes.