THE TRIPLE CHAIN- A Psychic Reading & Guidance of Mystical Proportions

THE TRIPLE CHAIN- A Psychic Reading & Guidance of Mystical Proportions

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During this reading, I connect with the source of your consciousness. I relay all information as it is presented to me. This is a time to commune with your spiritual council and Supreme Self to get the answers to your questions and aid in healing. Concepts like ancestry, past & parallel lives, guidance, patterns, and practice/rituals guidance are all up for conversation. 

This channeled spiritual consultation encourages individual sovereignty and a deeper sense of wholeness. As we expand and evolve, so does the information that comes into our field. The more we connect communicate with your field, the stronger our spiritual and material ecosystems become.
Who are these sessions for? These readings are for those who want guidance, seek assistance in translating messages, or insight into the energies they sense in their periphery. I offer direction and guidance into practices, and psychic insight into ancestral, past, and parallel lives as they intertwine with your current incarnation.
What this session is not: I am not a fortune teller. These readings are not for those looking for yes or no answers around day-to-day relationships, business, finance, or love. I will not read into anyone who is not present, nor for anyone under the age of 18. The mundane lives directly correlate with our spiritual, so may ask questions regarding these subjects, but as they pertain to your overall spiritual system.
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INDIVIDUAL: $185/1hr. There is a charge of $45 for each additional 15 minutes. You will be kept aware of the time during the session.
PETS: This service may be used for your beloved pets both present and past. Our animals walk with us to protect, support, and teach us lessons of the high heart. We will tap into their personality, higher calling, and how their energy intertwines with yours. I ask that the pet be present during the session, or a picture along their name emailed to me beforehand at DIVINEVOIDBOTANICA@GMAIL.COM. $185/1 hr
GROUPS: The relationships and community around us help support and strengthen our relationship to self and our path. When doing this offering in a group setting, we will dive into how you are intertwined as well as individual roles. $185/1 hour + $75 for each additional person.
To purchase: select Group and send an email with total group participants to

SESSION PREPARATION: Please do not consume alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before our session together. It is important to refrain from imbibing during the healing process. 

CANCELLATION POLICY:You may cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours before your scheduled reading. All appointments adjusted after the 48 hour window will be charged in full. 

Note: These are alternative and spiritual modalities and are not a substitute for medical service from your mental health or healthcare provider. I am not a doctor, physician, mental health provider, or member of a clergy. These services are for educational purposes and are a self-help tool for your own use. Ultimately, I am not responsible for actions you take out of your own free will.  I make no guarantees to any outcomes.