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Shown to me as if I were giving someone a boost over a fence, 

This offering is best suited for those who feel they are on the precipice of something whether it’s a new path, energy, or shift, but feel as though they need a boost to make the jump. Typically, when we have this feeling, we are unconsciously and subconsciously weighing old memory, data, and patterns against new pathways and simplification. 

We will do a sound-centric co-journey to a space where interconnective loops of energy connect all dimensions and timelines, located near a vacuum, or The Void. This is a space in which your field can freely oscillate. During the session, I will be working with my attunement team in what they call, “The Crystalline Sanctum,” where they will work to streamline your spiritual and mystical operating system to move forward more efficiently.

This powerful session clears as it replaces old belief systems, memories, and energies that have reached their highest expression and are no longer needed. It allows for on-the fly processing, letting you aggregate and integrate. It keeps your information and workflow intact without extra clusters of energy to maintain, essentially creating a streamlined process. This grants space for increased filtering & flow, forward movement, and programming where you to need a boost.

These energies will continue to regulate after the appointment. 

SESSION PREPARATION: Please do not consume alcohol or recreational drugs 24 hours before or after our session together. It is important to refrain from imbibing during the healing process. Please set the tone in a space where you will not be disturbed during our time together. Headphones are needed for this session as well as a subscription to Spotify or Apple Music for the journey. If you use another platform, please email me before booking. 

This session includes a supportive subsequent 30 min call to go over any questions, concerns, or symptoms you may be experiencing.



You may cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 48 hours before your scheduled reading. All appointments adjusted after the 48 hour window will be charged in full. 

Note: These are alternative and spiritual modalities and are not a substitute for medical service from your mental health or healthcare provider. I am not a doctor, physician, mental health provider, or member of a clergy. These services are for educational purposes and are a self-help tool for your own use. Ultimately, I am not responsible for actions you take out of your own free will.  I make no guarantees to any outcomes.