I am Sophia 

Mother, Sister, Channeler, Explorer of The Akasha, and Conduit. 

I come from a family of root-workers and was immersed in the traditions of my ancestors in a tin roof house deep in the woods of southern Virginia. In my teens, I was introduced to The Akashic Records. My 20s were spent learning from gifted practitioners out of Harry's Occult in Philly. Now I spend time bridging my experience with my research and practice in The Western Mysteries Traditions including Qabalah, Hermeticism, Astrology, Rosicrucianism, Gematria, Enochian & Solomonic practice.

I'm influenced by Carl Jung, Eliphas Levi, Allan Kardec, and Dion Fortune to name a few. I'm not a fan of following the herd or being told what to do, but I am about respect and honoring other traditions and practitioners. 

I operate as a conduit for frequencies that bridge you to your soul's remembering and connecting you to the wholeness of your Supreme Self.  When a person works with me, or has a relationship with me, energy, guides, messages, dreams- amplify, and vice versa: that is my specialty. I found that I do not source my information & energy from one location because for me, it's not about  location, it's about the channel. I am a skeleton key that helps you unlock the gates to the subtle energy of YOUR ecosystem: whether it's plants, your ancestors, Akasha, etc., because..it's about you! 

We are individuals for a divine reason and it's important that we honor that. Individuation is how we get to the divine stuff. My passion is to empower and encourage others to strengthen their own relationship with the divine that lives both within and without.