I am Sophia 

I am a Channeler, Explorer of The Akasha, and Conduit. 

I hail from a long line of root workers, seers, and energy workers. I was raised in a tin roof house deep in the southern Virginia woods, where I was immersed in the traditions of our ancestors. I have always been highly intuitive, showing the signs of mediumship & the ability to channel at a young age. I’m an eternal student. When we seek to evolve ourselves, we help evolve those connected to us, and when we serve others, we serve ourselves. At the center of my studies I follow The Mystical Qabalah and Bhakti yoga traditions.

By route of portals, I operate as a conduit for frequencies that bridge you to your soul's remembering and connecting you to the wholeness of your Supreme Self. As a conduit, I amplify energy. When a person works with me, or has a relationship with me, energy, guides, messages, dreams- bolden, and vice versa: that is my specialty. I found that I do not source my information & energy from one location because for me, it's not about  location, it's about the channel. I am a skeleton key that helps you unlock the gates to the source of YOUR consciousness: whether it's plants, your ancestors, Akasha, etc., because..it's about you! 

My passion is to empower each person with the tools to strengthen their own relationship with the divine and in trusting themselves. Though I work in the realm of the esoteric, it is important to me to present the wisdom and guidance in a down to earth way. Spirituality without pretense is the core of who I am.

In this work, reconnection to our imagination reminds us of our limitlessness. You are powerful, and with fortitude and valor in our hearts, we can navigate through the unknown to reclaim your personal power. 

It would be my honor to guide you.