I am so happy to have met such a talented soul! I booked a Communing with Shadow session with Sophia and found out soon how greatly intuitive and talented she is! I felt safe and supported throughout both of my sessions. I received plenty of guidance on how to work with Shadow and how to learn to soften into the parts of myself that I have learned to compartmentalize. I am meeting the parts of myself that can be scary. Sophia helped me unpack just one piece of myself but I feel like it has been a domino effect since our last session. I have been able to process a few things that felt difficult to acknowledge for some time. And I physically feel 10 times lighter. I am so grateful to have received intuitive guidance on my current situations in order to help me grow and continue on my journey! I recommend booking yourself a session! I will definitely be booking again!   -Sadie H.
I was blown away by our first session! You were mentioning things I had never shared with anyone! Within the first 5 minutes I was completely comfortable and willing to step into the realm of shadow with you as a guide. The mediation was vivid and eye opening— as if I was walking on this earth experiencing every minute of it. The homework was welcomed and wonderful! Just a few simple things to expand on the session. The second session was a great wrap up and very validating. It’s pretty amazing how I’m still having a-ha moments connecting to the sessions. I recommend Communing with Shadow to anyone feeling stuck— to anyone wanting a deeper connection with self— to anyone wanting to delve a bit deeper into our lives here on this planet. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have new spiritual tools in my tool box and use them regularly. I’m very grateful to have found you and want to let you know that I truly believe your gift is a blessing! Thank you for this offering. It truly helped peel away layers and get me closer to spirit and my heart!   -Melanie M.


Not only is Sophia a great person, she is also an amazingly gifted guide, reader, root healer, reiki healer, and shadow worker who has used her innate abilities to help others to connect with themselves and with the world around them. I have so much respect for how she has chosen to share her abilities in her craft with the world, and I have been a first-hand benefactor. Her candles are powerful and her guided meditations are unmatched. Treat yourself to a bath, have her help you with protecting your home, improve your insight and overall wellbeing. But, keep in mind, YOU need to do the work to reap the benefits of her insights. She can help tailor a program that’s right for specifically you. 🙌 - Jenny H Philadelphia, PA


Sophia is an incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable practitioner. Her products have always come with such a strong feeling of intention and purpose. Each item I’ve received from her has come with clear and helpful directions that let me really immerse myself in creating these rituals for myself. Working with her you can tell the deep well of knowledge she arrives with, and her innately tuned in nature gave me such confidence in her work. She is an absolute light, working with Sophia has always left me feeling inspired, guided, understood and seen. She’s truly something special. - Sonia Karas (Reiki Master & Bhakti Yoga Teacher) Lancaster, PA


I was Feeling a bit apprehensive and nervous going into my Reiki treatment with a new practitioner. Sophia was kind and gracious and made me feel comfortable right away. The session was wonderful and I felt great walking out of there. Her feedback was particularly amazing and really resonated with me On a deep level. She is excellent at what she does. - Chris S. Lancaster, PA


I have talked with many spiritual advisers over the years who seem to be playing a role to make themselves seem valid and legitimate. This was not the case with Divine Void Botanica. Every time we speak I know I am talking to another human being who happens to have a deep relationship with the spiritual plain. 
I always walk away with a better understanding of where I am in the present moment and more confident of the journey I am on. - Zac S. Barcelona, Spain


I am in shock! I have never had such an accurate reading. I want to first share a few things with Sophia, then explain why this reading was the best one i've ever had.
I've never told anybody but my primary care physician about the pain in my right lower stomach. I was absolutely shocked when this is the first thing she said and explained the causes which really resonated with me. 
When she referred to a past connection I had as a "watchdog".....I never told her (or anybody in my life) that this person told me they felt like they were literally like a dog with me.  And extremely protective. This sounds so bizarre, but it completely made sense in the context of our connection. 
Next: When she discussed the strong pain in right her knee, I suffer from patellafemoral pain syndrome in my right knee. And I always felt like this was more to do with changes I need to make with my spirit in conjunction with physical therapy methods. Whats funny is that since she’s brought awareness to this, my right knee has been fussy. 
What I loved most about this reading was the practical advice she gave me to help guide me through these issues. Although I am aware I have these issues, I've struggled to understand how to heal them or move forward. I've done the best I can on my own, but she brought awareness to some daily practices I can do to help myself heal. NOBODY has ever helped me with this!!! Today, I am so excited and hopeful. There are so many other things I plan to action from what I've learned, but this is where I'm going to start. 
I can't express how special this was. I appreciate you bringing attention to these issues in an honest way. Thank you so much and I look forward to my next reading. - Brittney B., Philadelphia, PA

Although I’ve had many types of readings and healings; intuitive, tarot, reiki, sound, and lit, my Akashic reading with Sophia was the first of its kind in my life.  Sophia is a master at what she does, she explained and set the space for any blocks to be removed and for communication and release to take place during our reading. Although the power and energy during the reading were unparalleled in my experience, the practical steps and clear instruction given have created incredible change in my life in just a week’s time. An experience of reality that always felt just outside of my grasps is now firmly in my hand. I’m eternally grateful and excited for the new reality unfolding before my eyes. - Ampora Y., California