I am Sophia 

Mother, Sister, Channeler, Explorer of The Akasha, and Conduit. 

I come from a family of root-workers and was immersed in the traditions of my ancestors in a tin roof house deep in the woods of southern Virginia. In my teens, I was introduced to The Akashic Records. My 20s were spent learning from gifted practitioners out of Harry's Occult in Philly. Now I spend time bridging my experience with my research and practice in The Western Mysteries Traditions including Qabalah, Hermeticism, Astrology, Rosicrucianism, Gematria, Enochian & Solomonic practice.

I'm influenced by Carl Jung, Eliphas Levi, Allan Kardec, and Dion Fortune to name a few. I'm not a fan of following the herd or being told what to do, but I am about respect and honoring other traditions and practitioners. 

As a conduit, I amplify energy. When a person works with me, or has a relationship with me, energy, guides, messages, dreams- bolden, and vice versa: that is my specialty. I found that I do not source my information & energy from one location because for me, it's not about  location, it's about the channel. I operate as a skeleton key that helps unlock the gates to the subtle energy YOUR  spiritual ecosystem because..it's about you! My work encourages individual sovereignty. The more you connect with your  ecosystem, the more you magnetize your own power and confidence.

Everyone is a channel, and as we harmonize our place in the interconnectivity of things, we can connect to past, parallel, and future selves granting us the information of the multidimensional nature of our being and magnetizing abilities. This process creates major shifts in all aspects of ourselves and in our collective.

Even though I was very blessed to be born into a magical family, my adolescence was filled with trauma. I was raised in poverty and experienced abandonment, sexual, physical, and emotional abuse. What I saw around me was fear and lack, but there was always a voice telling me that there was more. As I followed the voice, my life evolved and my emotional intelligence grew. I am beyond grateful for the guidance that voice gave me. It showed me a world beyond my greatest imagination.

This isn't about changing who you are, but honoring who you truly are. 



If you are here finding yourself curious, chances are, you’re where you’re supposed to be. My work is geared toward those who have a spiritual foundation. It’s for those who are in tune with their bodies, spiritual awareness, and have some sort of connection to their guides. 

In order to fully benefit from this body of work, one must be ready to surrender the will of the low self and be open to imagination, possibility, and expanding their belief systems. Understand that destroying crumbling foundations in order to rebuild can be at times leave you feeling raw. This work is for those who are open minded, committed, and are comfortable with getting uncomfortable.