Learn More About My Work

A few years ago, I was told by both my Divine Council and other seers that I was to pull down a new modality. I've never not listened to spirit, so with each directive, I immersed myself. My work with Shadow had been preparing me for a larger body of work: Portals. 

When we hear of Portals, we generally think of hubs of energy that usher in major shifts with the right alignment of time, place, or celestial bodies. However, they’re not totally dependent on the careful alignment of time and place. Portals also appear for those who have a genuine desire to open and expand their belief systems. These energetic and informational passageways assist us in our evolution and recalling process. Through these channels we can connect to past, parallel, and future selves granting us the information of the multidimensional nature of our being. This process creates major shifts in all aspects of ourselves and in our collective.

Why is this important? We’ve heard may say we are experiencing an upgrading, that the Earth is ushering in a major shift. But here’s the thing: Earth itself already shifted into it's next density about 30 years ago. We as a social collective are the ones struggling to harmonize at the new level, causing friction and chaos across the world. We have stalled and forgotten. The point of our soul center has been searching for the connecting signal to reignite a superconscious remembering to propel us back on our pathway. This ensures continuous expansion, or the continued turning of the Wheel of Karma. 

I continuously research across my own channeling, cosmology, quantum mechanics, astrophysics, The Mystical Qabalah, and ancient texts to bridge my work with Portals. My calling is to help others at the brink of the gates to prepare, gain entry, and steer the boat as people go through the frequency transmission and process, and trust meit is quite the process.

If you are here finding yourself curious, chances are, you’re where you’re supposed to be. Overall, my work is geared toward those who have a spiritual foundation. It’s for those who are in tune with their bodies, spiritual awareness, and have a connection to their guides. This body of work is also for those who are ready to surrender to imagination, possibility, and expanding their belief systems. Here, there is an understanding that destroying crumbling foundations in order to rebuild can be jarring. This work is for those who are open minded, committed, and are comfortable with getting uncomfortable.