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The Akashic Records, as it is more popularly known, has been described as a cosmic library which holds all universal memory and information. As an Akashic practitioner and teacher, I always felt extremely limited by the pop-conceptualization of the unbound frequency in which I have interacted and explored for years. How can we explore possibilities and eminence if we adhere to limitations that help our mind wrap around expansive concepts?

In Exploring The Akasha, you will learn what it means to unwrap the contextualization of this big energy. What if The Akasha isn't just a hub of information, but a lens of which to see many worlds? In this class, I will share my understanding (so far) of The Akasha and cross examine its prevelence over various philosophies and modalities. I will  give you tools to feel safe and push the boundaries of your own limits, so that you can find your own understanding and relationship to The Akashic Field.

In this class, we remove the bumpers so you can bowl. 

Who is this for?
This 6-week course is designed for intermediates and professionals of Akashic practice. However, I would also recommend this class for beginners with  psychic or astral experience. Just as a hiring manager would consider someone with no experience as a blank slate to train, I feel the same way about most beginners.
  • The class will meet weekly, every Wednesday starting January 31st
  • Class will begin at 9pm EST/6pm PST
  • Each class will be recorded and sent out to the group. No worries if you can't make it live!
  • The course includes 2 student labs to deepen the practice
  • Office hours after each class with me
  • As a bonus, students of Exploring The Akasha have the option to purchase an exclusive additional 1:1 Mentorship session package with me. This will include (2) 1:1 practice sessions while my pathway to the akasha is open,  and (1) mini reading

There will be a Discord chat for on-going support during the attunement process, and a workbook to continue the practice after the class commences.

Students of the class will learn:

  • How fear intervenes and how it manifests
  • FEELING into The Akasha
  • The importance of anchoring
  • Safety and what we need to feel it
  • Activating the senses
  • Quantum listening
  • Akasha as a lens
  • How to create expansion with trust
  • Resonance
  • Integration of Akashic frequency into everyday life
  • Aligning mind/body/psyche


What are the costs?

The class is sliding scale:
If you need a payment plan, there is option to 
pay in 4 with ShopPay or PayPal payment plans.
If you're interested in both Exploring The Akasha Class I & Readership
please indicate so in your application.
There is an option to package the courses at an additional discounted price. 
Invoiced payment plans will be available for the packaged deal.
Exploring The Akasha I must be taken in order to take Exploring The Akasha Readership
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Start date will be on a Thursday in April tbd
Class will meet every other week on Thursday at 9pm EST/6pm PST
students must take Exploring The Akasha I to participate in Readership
is a 12-week course that will meet every other week starting in April
In the duration of the course, students will be closely worked with to hone in on their readership skills and resonance within The Akashic field. 
Some subjects we will cover:
  • Readership best practices
  • How to handle uncomfortable sessions
  • How to handle difficult clients
  • The practice of channeling
  • Healing within The Akasha
  • Ethics
  • and more…
The course will also include office hours, student labs, and outside practice 
All Classes will be recorded and sent out. 
Students are encouraged to participate in live classes as best as their schedule will allow


This class is for entertainment purposes only. This class is not a replacement or an enhancement for mental health or behavioral treatment.  It is not recommended for people who have been diagnose with a dissociative disorder such as schizophrenia, etc. This class is not recommended for people with low blood pressure.